Membership Requirements

  1. You must be licensed to ride and operate a motorcycle.
  2. You must own and ride a motorcycle. Any make of motorcycle is allowed for membership.
  3. Be a full time, part time, or reserve police officer with power of arrest. This includes Military LE, or,
  4. Be a retired or vested police officer from a full time law enforcement agency. This includes Military LE discharged honorably.

Each law enforcement officer can sponsor his/her spouse and one associate member who can in turn sponsor his/her spouse.

Associate members will wear an Associate bottom rocker on their colors and spouse's, depending on sex, will have Darlin or Associate bottom rockers.

If you meet the above requirements and want to join and be a part of our club, here are the applications.

Just right click on the link below that you need and save it to your hard drive then print it out and forward it to one of our club officers.

  1. Law Enforcement Membership
  2. Associate Membership
  3. Darlin Membership

For our active members that want to pay your membership dues through PayPal use this link:

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